How To.. MPD24/Fruity Loops Part 1

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  • hothandzent says:

    Filter it the sound and/or sample w/i the mixer …put the sound or sample on a track in the mixer

  • hothandzent says:

    thanks a lot, more to come!!

  • rickylascaze001 says:

    how do u loop like i see in sum videos ppl press a sound like 4 times n den the mpd automatically remembers it or w/e like how to make loops

  • hothandzent says:

    Show me what vid u r talking about..

  • DrunkMonk101 says:

    i don’t know if you’ve had a chance to play with the mpd32, but if you have compared to that with the 24 which one would you reccommend?

  • madnateNLF says:

    i have it on mpc2500 but it still dosent work

  • hothandzent says:

    are you trying to midi it to your fl?

  • StepUp2DaStreetz says:

    shit bro, ur handz ayn’t hot at all!

  • hothandzent says:

    lol thanks for watching!! I cant even get mad at the hating being as tho I went to your page and you “HATED” on everyone’s page you left a commented on!! But I thanks you again for watching!!

  • wetbagmc says:

    great video man, wished it was in better quality so I can see better. great information, also what MPD would you recommend for a beginner

  • hothandzent says:

    thank you!! it was the software i was using at the time that effed the quality up!! and i would say the mpd24 only cause its more “beginner” friendly.

  • wetbagmc says:

    good thank you and also since they arent selling those anymore I got the new model mpd26

  • wetbagmc says:

    also where do you get good sampels

  • hothandzent says:

    anywhere on the net.. but im still like to use records and start from scratch!

  • KidChemo says:

    @wetbagmc i just got da mpd 26 2day
    did u figure out how to use it in fl studio 8 because it works and all but wen i click a pad like pad 1 on the mpd it wont play the sound assigned to the pad 1 on the fpc the mpd is hooked up right but the pads are all mixed up like they dont corrospond with the pads i press on the mpd

  • wetbagmc says:

    i havent yet I just recently bought Fruity Loops the real version so im waitng on that, though I had the same issue with the cracked version of FL, so if it happens with a legit copy I will contact FL to see if there is something we can do to rectify that.

  • KidChemo says:

    @wetbagmc iight cool i thought it wus just me kuz even wen i mapped it on the preset editor it didnt work n i mapped it correctly its deffinetely sumtin in da FL engine

  • blackborder4 says:

    – I appreciate you postin this video man cause , all the others weren’t explainin it right- thanks man – I Respect ur work

  • hothandzent says:

    thanks a lot homie!!

  • djkarmainfinite says:

    how come my mpd24 “full level” button works on fl8 but the “16 levels” button dont spread the sound accross my 16 mpd24 pads? can ANYONE help me with that? also my top 6 slide faders above mpd pads dont do shit on fl8, please help.

  • nega2k6 says:

    Can I use the MDP with FL Slicer instead of the FPC ? Cause I like Slicer more. I cannot trigger slice’s from Slicer, but I can with the FPC. Somebody know the problem ?

  • hothandzent says:

    @nega2k6 yes u can the mdp with the slicer

  • kherrera81 says:

    why cant i have the slicer and fpc open at the same time??? please help

  • 123asd260 says:

    can i follow your steps if i have mpd 26??

  • hall880 says:

    whatup dogg how do u get the sound from the akai pro mpd16 in fruity loops

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