Connecting the Akai MPC 2000XL to the Computer

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  • 911beats says:

    can u save beats made on the mpc to zip disks
    and use them to transfer it to your computer?????????????????????

  • krzone81 says:

    is that a blue screen ???

  • opmks says:

    Do u still need to use 8 outs
    Or just digital coax

  • Altruwest says:

    Use digital coax if you dont need to send 8 channels of audio at one time.

  • Altruwest says:

    It is a standard screen

  • dreds4000 says:

    hopefully this will help me cuz i got the 5k and i still dont know how to emport the beats i made

  • VincentsVideoVisions says:

    @dreds4000 lol you have a mpc5000 and dont know how to export your beats… hahahahaha

  • dreds4000 says:

    yea i know its a bitch cuz i dont know how to use it properly…cn u help me?

  • VincentsVideoVisions says:

    Well all you do is route the outputs of your MPC into your audio interface and record in whatever program that you have… like sonar, cube, logic, etc… simple as that. you can record a stereo “master mix” or track them all separately so you can add efx, eq, etc..

  • DrunkMonk101 says:

    Would you need the midi sport interface, if you were just trying to connect the MPC to the PC in order to sync it with your DAW, cause all i’m trying to do is just that, i can already just use my VSTi’s if i wanted to input those into my MPC, but i’m just wondering if that interface would be necassary to connect it? (I’m considering getting this model soon just some questions to consider before making my purchase)

  • DrunkMonk101 says:

    So if i was connecting an MPC to my PC, i would need to get an additional USB midi cable, run that through to my PC, and then config. that to my DAW and i should be all set if i was just using this for drum sounds?

  • 44danoc says:

    Monk I have the MPC2000xl, I have a Uno midi to usb, to connect to my computer to active the MPC to be a Slave to Protoots, so when I press the space bar my MPC will start running with Protools. I record, where I run my audio outs of my MPC into my Yamaha O2R 96, then optical out of my Yam, into my Digi 002Rack. From my 002Rack firewire out into my computer, so I can record digitally into Protools. That’s my set up and I love it.

  • DrunkMonk101 says:

    Ok, thank you for answering my question.

  • Lorigo559 says:

    Hey Altruwest any chances u know how to hook the mpc with scsi cord?

  • Altruwest says:

    Hey, The MPC in the video is actually an MPC2000XL with SCSI connection on the back. There is no way for you to hook the SCSI connection directly to your PC. What I recommend is that you buy an MCD for your MPC. This is the best way to insure high speed data transfer and compatibility with your PC/Mac. SCSI will limit you to old HD systems, Floppy Drives and Old CD drives. I would stay away from SCSI if possible today. I used it back in the day and would not go back now.

  • omarphi215 says:

    great video. Can you help me with my new set up. Im not a software guy, but I know I can have my Cubase 4 start when I start my MPC200xl. Here is my set up:
    Motif sx6, mpc2000xl, presonus firestudio tube, iMac…I must not have something set up right. can someone help?

  • Lorigo559 says:

    damn, now i just got a zip drive 4 the mpc to try n save all our drum kits, now i dont kno to much about this machine, but i was told that the only way to hook that zip drive 2 a computer was thru scsi. what might be another way 2 hook up that zip drive

  • Altruwest says:

    @Lorigo559 The easy answer is to buy yourself a USB Zip Drive, That way you have a proper way to transfer from PC to MPC.

  • Altruwest says:

    @omarphi215 It sounds like you do not have a midi interface right now. This is a main requirement for you to be able to communicate MMC from the MPC to any Host/DAW. You need the MPC to send MMC and the DAW(Cubase to receive/listen to MMC).

  • Lorigo559 says:

    @Altruwest 4 sho thanks. If i was to switch to midi using a Phantom X6 what would i need to get it to work?

  • omarphi215 says:

    I have a presonus firewire which i assumed was acting as the interface because we use it to interface the motif via an xlr connection. I have not tried yet but do you think the lambda will interface alongside the presonus rack (firetube)?

  • f1racer226 says:

    what does MCD stand for ?

  • muzikbj11 says:

    I just purchased a MPC2000XL Blue w/ MCD card reader! Haven’t gotten it yep!
    Now w/ the mcd, i can store and retreve data?
    I also have a macbook and pc laptop, what software wld u recommend, how wld i connect either or? Help Please!

  • MiguelKertsman says:

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  • giovanni11214 says:

    Say you made a beat on the mpc 2000xl with samples from a floppy disc, now you want to transfer that beat in the computer, how would you do that?

  • rigo says:

    for a connection from mpc 2000xl to the computer, can I just get a floppy disk drive connected to the computer?

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