Akai MPC2000XL MCD Kit Install from MPCStuff.com

27 Responses to “Akai MPC2000XL MCD Kit Install from MPCStuff.com”

  • PORT910ART says:

    Good vid

  • djphatd says:

    It’s “House of the Rising Sun” by Eric Burdon and the Animals

  • buscrates says:

    I cannot wait to get mine! ZIP disks get THE GAS FACE!!

  • csbnumbertwo says:

    I just ordered the kit but I need to know if the akai software will load on a floppy disk. Also do you know of any way to get the sounds off of my MPC to ableton live?

  • rossee78 says:

    i am convinced this is the best tutorial ever..i installed mine no problems with the help of this video,many thanks man keep up the good work !!

  • krzone81 says:

    anyone know? ,,,, if you really need to upgrade the operating system to upgrade to mcd ????????????i got 1.14 in mine. plus how do you upgrade the operating system ?

  • kiltoorish says:

    I’ve just been through the whole process: ordered drive and installed it following instructions here. All is good. just 1 point: start of the video seems to say ‘use 1.14 OS’ but the rest says 1.2. I think it means 1.2, which u download from website. big thankyou to mpcstuff!

  • neddyfresh says:

    a memory card drive is a MUST yo! Fuck a floppy, fuck a zip! Cannot wait to get mine! Great vid, thanks!

  • 8thTbisla says:

    what is the kind of data cable used please !!!!!!!

  • 61Souls says:

    i got a prob. with my mpc2000xl!
    i format my compact flash card on windows xp
    and now it doesnt works…can somebody help me please? what can i do..if a turn my mpc on, there stays on the screen “Generic IDE card” and then “Insert MPC2000xl disk!!”…please help!!!

  • mylestails says:

    does the sample time just become expanded to what ever size card you put in? or is there a limit? thanks

  • kobain06 says:

    that Dylan remix is the shit man!!!

  • H3avyHandz says:

    im tryning to install a 1.20 os on my mpc 2000xl where can i find this on zip. it appears that this guy is installing it after he has put in the card reader but ive been told otherwise. that i need to install it on zip first.

  • digital022 says:

    put the OS on a floppy and install it off the floppy drive before you swap it with a card reader, thats what I did. FYI, if you have 1.14 u don’t need to upgrade. I had 1.12

  • ak47775 says:

    I bought mines the other day… from these guys… customer service sucks…. i bought 3 compact flash cards… non of them work with it… i installed 2.0 then 1.14 shit still not working… oh did i mention customer service sucks…

  • melvinashura says:

    does this work with the mpc 2000

  • FNGSniper says:

    ok this is what i dont understand, do you need to have 1.20 before installing or do you install it afterwards..Somebody please help me

  • amagin1 says:


  • reminise10 says:

    if i wanted to save drums on a card and completed beats on another card ..how could i do this since the drive is not switchable?

  • jj007104 says:

    Can you please tell me or anyone tell me the songs playing in the background?

  • sweepee4pres says:


    Supertramp – Breakfast in America

  • sweepee4pres says:

    like an earthquake..keep the cam steady

  • TrOyLiN25 says:

    i have 1.14 my akai 2000xl went through the whole process and when it restarted it still have 1.14 os . what do i need to do ?

  • dightmin says:

    best investment ever! fuck floppys!

  • novocaine009 says:

    thinking about ordering the kit. the video’s a bit confusing in regards to the 1.2 & 1.14 software. I’m fine with my current 1.14 software… I’m guessing I won’t have a problem if I keep it and upgrade to the cf card hardware correct?

  • FTWandTHISshit says:

    Just installed this bullshit cardreader and since that I can’t turn on the MPC. Updated the OS before installing the drive. Did everything like in this video but nothing wortks. When I disconnect the ATAPI/IDE cable the MPC turns on but when it is pulged in it doesn’t. Any idea what it could be???

  • Pablo says:

    Me pasa lo mismo que a FTWandTHISshit si alguien pudo solucionarlo le agradeceria

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