How to Record and MIDI Sync Instruments with an MPC 1000

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  • albobeats1 says:

    You need to switch from Drum 1 – 4 to MIDI for just the Keyboard sound

  • milkybear60 says:

    very nice・・・

  • Skel Traxx says:

    From what I understand, midi paterns will be recorded in the mpc 1000 but if you wanted to make it as a song in the mpc without the keyboards connected, how would you do it in order to have the keyboard sounds coming out of the mpc? Sorry if it’s not clear…

  • bizmarkie507 says:

    plug the audio out of your keyboard to record in on the mpc. then hit mode + record on the mpc. when your ready hit f6, then hit it again to begin. presto.

  • thanatas says:

    man you helped me so much i got my synth connected to the mpc and got a dope track. i didnt know it worked the way you described. cheers mate 

  • Leftspeaker101 says:

    question so lets say you load up a song you did yesterday using a friends keyboard and recorded your midi notes but dont have the same keyboard hooked up will it play back the song or will it play back blank because its just the midi notes?

  • Olivander12 says:

    My mpc should be midi synced with my korg electribe. Question is, will the MPC as a slave send the midi clock messages through its midi out using the soft thru option? I read about lot of people having problems with the midi soft thru.

  • Olivander12 says:

    The mpc records midi notes. Either these note trigger the samples stored on the mpcs cf card, or sounds from an external sound module. If the sound module (e.g. keyboard) is not connected, you will not hear nothing. You may connect another keyboard, but for obvious reason the sounds are different, only the notes and probably gate times remain static.

  • Leftspeaker101 says:

    right do you kno anything about using midi with daw programs like reason?

  • kingranch2 says:

    Good videos I have been trying to figure out how to record me playing the keyboard into my mpc 1000 through midi .I know how to record my performance throught the record mode.But i want to know how to record my performance through midi,And what settings do i make on the mpc 1000?

  • ThePepsiman434 says:

    hey i have a question i have protools 9 mp i have midi keyboard but i want to record midi on mpc1000 how do i hook up and and how can i hear sound from computer keyboard on mpc 1000 i dont want to use protools to record i have a tascamm 24 track recorder for that any info is helpful thanks

  • ThePepsiman434 says:

    oh yeah the beat is hot

  • 19848687 says:

    Hey, nice tutorial. I tried followin everything you did for my own setup, hooking up the ins/outs, syncing my synth/mpc, and was able to record a sequence, but when I try to record a different patch for a seperate track the synth’s program I previously recorded changes. Tried the manual, forums, google search…you have any ideas?

  • bizmarkie507 says:

    hmmmm. you sure you change the sequence to a new unused number in the mpc when you try to record the new patches?  if not, hmmm i really don’t know i’ll have to monkey around with that in the near future to see if i get that problem also

  • 19848687 says:

    Thanks for the response man. I figured it out the other day. I didn’t know recording midi would not record the synth patch along with note pitch, velocity, etc. I was actually trying to record the audio, so with my synth, for some reason, I had to hook up synth phones-mpc rec in (instead of audio out-rec in) and synth audio out- mix (for anyone’s reference)…. anyways, thanks again.

  • LUCCHIBEATS1 says:

    @ 3:27 ….was that a ” ROLAND GAJA-SYNTH SAMPLER KEYBOARD ?” ..I SEEN??

  • Matthew Blakeley says:

    hey thanks for this tutorial ! i just have a question can you play chords on the synth into the MPC and record the notes ployphonic style ?

  • bizmarkie507 says:

    not exactly sure what you are asking…sorry. can you be more specific?

  • Matthew Blakeley says:

    the sequencer is ployphonic or monphonic ? . one note at a time or can you play chords or note stacks ? Like if you have 3 notes being played/actavated at once comeing from the sequnencer ? No worries if you cant answer

  • Towly263 says:

    you mean midi chords? sure

  • Matthew Blakeley says:

    yep and thanks

  • bizmarkie507 says:

    @mathbsound yes you can record and playback chords,, so the midi it records can be polyphonic.

  • kroser1983 says:

    instead of 2b just use 1b, you get 16 tracks for each midi, 1a through to 16a will be ur mo pho and 1b through to 16b will be the other.

  • Snowcoldbeatz says:

    Love midi like your videos

  • pueblo1977 says:

    ok but if you want in the same time?

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